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#ifndef _STDDEF_H
#define _STDDEF_H

#define NULL ((void *)0)
typedef __SIZE_TYPE__ size_t;
typedef __WCHAR_TYPE__ wchar_t;
typedef __PTRDIFF_TYPE__ ptrdiff_t;
#define offsetof(type, field) ((size_t) &((type *)0)->field)

/* need to do that because of glibc 2.1 bug (should have a way to test
   presence of 'long long' without __GNUC__, or TCC should define
   __GNUC__ ? */
#if !defined(__int8_t_defined) && !defined(__dietlibc__)
#define __int8_t_defined
typedef     char int8_t;
typedef     short int int16_t;
typedef     int int32_t;
typedef long long int int64_t;


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