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 * stdio.h
 * Definitions of types and prototypes of functions for standard input and
 * output.
 * NOTE: The file manipulation functions provided by Microsoft seem to
 * work with either slash (/) or backslash (\) as the path separator.
 * This file is part of the Mingw32 package.
 * Contributors:
 *  Created by Colin Peters <colin@bird.fu.is.saga-u.ac.jp>
 *  This source code is offered for use in the public domain. You may
 *  use, modify or distribute it freely.
 *  This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful but
 *  DISCLAIMED. This includes but is not limited to warranties of
 * $Revision: 1.2 $
 * $Author: bellard $
 * $Date: 2005/04/17 13:14:29 $

#ifndef _STDIO_H_
#define     _STDIO_H_

/* All the headers include this file. */
#include <_mingw.h>

#define __need_size_t
#define __need_NULL
#define __need_wchar_t
#define     __need_wint_t
#ifndef RC_INVOKED
#include <stddef.h>
#endif      /* Not RC_INVOKED */

/* Flags for the iobuf structure  */
#define     _IOREAD     1
#define     _IOWRT      2
#define     _IORW 0x0080 /* opened as "r+w" */

 * The three standard file pointers provided by the run time library.
 * NOTE: These will go to the bit-bucket silently in GUI applications!
#define     STDIN_FILENO      0
#define     STDOUT_FILENO     1
#define     STDERR_FILENO     2

/* Returned by various functions on end of file condition or error. */
#define     EOF   (-1)

 * The maximum length of a file name. You should use GetVolumeInformation
 * instead of this constant. But hey, this works.
 * NOTE: This is used in the structure _finddata_t (see io.h) so changing it
 *       is probably not a good idea.
#define     FILENAME_MAX      (260)

 * The maximum number of files that may be open at once. I have set this to
 * a conservative number. The actual value may be higher.
#define FOPEN_MAX (20)

/* After creating this many names, tmpnam and tmpfile return NULL */
#define TMP_MAX   32767
 * Tmpnam, tmpfile and, sometimes, _tempnam try to create
 * temp files in the root directory of the current drive
 * (not in pwd, as suggested by some older MS doc's).
 * Redefining these macros does not effect the CRT functions.
#define _P_tmpdir   "\\"
#define _wP_tmpdir  L"\\"

 * The maximum size of name (including NUL) that will be put in the user
 * supplied buffer caName for tmpnam.
 * Inferred from the size of the static buffer returned by tmpnam
 * when passed a NULL argument. May actually be smaller.
#define L_tmpnam (16)

#define _IOFBF          0x0000
#define _IOLBF          0x0040
#define _IONBF          0x0004

 * The buffer size as used by setbuf such that it is equivalent to
 * (void) setvbuf(fileSetBuffer, caBuffer, _IOFBF, BUFSIZ).
#define     BUFSIZ      512

/* Constants for nOrigin indicating the position relative to which fseek
 * sets the file position. Enclosed in ifdefs because io.h could also
 * define them. (Though not anymore since io.h includes this file now.) */
#ifndef     SEEK_SET
#define SEEK_SET  (0)

#ifndef     SEEK_CUR
#define     SEEK_CUR    (1)

#ifndef     SEEK_END
#define SEEK_END  (2)

#ifndef     RC_INVOKED

 * I used to include stdarg.h at this point, in order to allow for the
 * functions later on in the file which use va_list. That conflicts with
 * using stdio.h and varargs.h in the same file, so I do the typedef myself.
#ifndef     _VA_LIST
#define _VA_LIST
#if defined __GNUC__ && __GNUC__ >= 3
typedef __builtin_va_list va_list;
typedef char* va_list;
 * The structure underlying the FILE type.
 * I still believe that nobody in their right mind should make use of the
 * internals of this structure. Provided by Pedro A. Aranda Gutiirrez
 * <paag@tid.es>.
#define     _FILE_DEFINED
typedef struct _iobuf
      char* _ptr;
      int   _cnt;
      char* _base;
      int   _flag;
      int   _file;
      int   _charbuf;
      int   _bufsiz;
      char* _tmpfname;
#endif      /* Not _FILE_DEFINED */

 * The standard file handles

extern FILE (*__imp__iob)[];  /* A pointer to an array of FILE */

#define _iob      (*__imp__iob)     /* An array of FILE */


__MINGW_IMPORT FILE _iob[];   /* An array of FILE imported from DLL. */


#define stdin     (&_iob[STDIN_FILENO])
#define stdout    (&_iob[STDOUT_FILENO])
#define stderr    (&_iob[STDERR_FILENO])

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

 * File Operations
FILE* fopen (const char*, const char*);
FILE* freopen (const char*, const char*, FILE*);
int   fflush (FILE*);
int   fclose (FILE*);
/* MS puts remove & rename (but not wide versions) in io.h  also */
int   remove (const char*);
int   rename (const char*, const char*);
FILE* tmpfile (void);
char* tmpnam (char*);
char* _tempnam (const char*, const char*);

#ifndef     NO_OLDNAMES
char* tempnam (const char*, const char*);

int   setvbuf (FILE*, char*, int, size_t);

void  setbuf (FILE*, char*);

 * Formatted Output

int   fprintf (FILE*, const char*, ...);
int   printf (const char*, ...);
int   sprintf (char*, const char*, ...);
int   _snprintf (char*, size_t, const char*, ...);
int   vfprintf (FILE*, const char*, va_list);
int   vprintf (const char*, va_list);
int   vsprintf (char*, const char*, va_list);
int   _vsnprintf (char*, size_t, const char*, va_list);

#ifndef __NO_ISOCEXT  /* externs in libmingwex.a */
int snprintf(char* s, size_t n, const char*  format, ...);
extern inline int vsnprintf (char* s, size_t n, const char* format,
                     va_list arg)
  { return _vsnprintf ( s, n, format, arg); }

 * Formatted Input

int   fscanf (FILE*, const char*, ...);
int   scanf (const char*, ...);
int   sscanf (const char*, const char*, ...);
 * Character Input and Output Functions

int   fgetc (FILE*);
char* fgets (char*, int, FILE*);
int   fputc (int, FILE*);
int   fputs (const char*, FILE*);
int   getc (FILE*);
int   getchar (void);
char* gets (char*);
int   putc (int, FILE*);
int   putchar (int);
int   puts (const char*);
int   ungetc (int, FILE*);

 * Direct Input and Output Functions

size_t      fread (void*, size_t, size_t, FILE*);
size_t      fwrite (const void*, size_t, size_t, FILE*);

 * File Positioning Functions

int   fseek (FILE*, long, int);
long  ftell (FILE*);
void  rewind (FILE*);

#ifdef __USE_MINGW_FSEEK  /* These are in libmingwex.a */
 * Workaround for limitations on win9x where a file contents are
 * not zero'd out if you seek past the end and then write.

int __mingw_fseek (FILE *, long, int);
int __mingw_fwrite (const void*, size_t, size_t, FILE*);
#define fseek(fp, offset, whence)  __mingw_fseek(fp, offset, whence)
#define fwrite(buffer, size, count, fp)  __mingw_fwrite(buffer, size, count, fp)
#endif /* __USE_MINGW_FSEEK */

 * An opaque data type used for storing file positions... The contents of
 * this type are unknown, but we (the compiler) need to know the size
 * because the programmer using fgetpos and fsetpos will be setting aside
 * storage for fpos_t structres. Actually I tested using a byte array and
 * it is fairly evident that the fpos_t type is a long (in CRTDLL.DLL).
 * Perhaps an unsigned long? TODO? It's definitely a 64-bit number in
 * MSVCRT however, and for now `long long' will do.
#ifdef __MSVCRT__
typedef long long fpos_t;
typedef long      fpos_t;

int   fgetpos     (FILE*, fpos_t*);
int   fsetpos (FILE*, const fpos_t*);

 * Error Functions

void  clearerr (FILE*);
int   feof (FILE*);
int   ferror (FILE*);
void  perror (const char*);

#ifndef __STRICT_ANSI__
 * Pipes
FILE* _popen (const char*, const char*);
int   _pclose (FILE*);

FILE* popen (const char*, const char*);
int   pclose (FILE*);

 * Other Non ANSI functions
int   _flushall (void);
int   _fgetchar (void);
int   _fputchar (int);
FILE* _fdopen (int, const char*);
int   _fileno (FILE*);

#ifndef _NO_OLDNAMES
int   fgetchar (void);
int   fputchar (int);
FILE* fdopen (int, const char*);
int   fileno (FILE*);
#endif      /* Not _NO_OLDNAMES */

#endif      /* Not __STRICT_ANSI__ */

/* Wide  versions */

/*  also in wchar.h - keep in sync */
int   fwprintf (FILE*, const wchar_t*, ...);
int   wprintf (const wchar_t*, ...);
int   swprintf (wchar_t*, const wchar_t*, ...);
int   _snwprintf (wchar_t*, size_t, const wchar_t*, ...);
int   vfwprintf (FILE*, const wchar_t*, va_list);
int   vwprintf (const wchar_t*, va_list);
int   vswprintf (wchar_t*, const wchar_t*, va_list);
int   _vsnwprintf (wchar_t*, size_t, const wchar_t*, va_list);
int   fwscanf (FILE*, const wchar_t*, ...);
int   wscanf (const wchar_t*, ...);
int   swscanf (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*, ...);
wint_t      fgetwc (FILE*);
wint_t      fputwc (wchar_t, FILE*);
wint_t      ungetwc (wchar_t, FILE*);
#ifdef __MSVCRT__ 
wchar_t* fgetws (wchar_t*, int, FILE*);
int   fputws (const wchar_t*, FILE*);
wint_t      getwc (FILE*);
wint_t      getwchar (void);
wchar_t* _getws (wchar_t*);
wint_t      putwc (wint_t, FILE*);
int   _putws (const wchar_t*);
wint_t      putwchar (wint_t);
FILE* _wfopen (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*);
FILE* _wfreopen (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*, FILE*);
FILE* _wfsopen (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*, int);
wchar_t* _wtmpnam (wchar_t*);
wchar_t* _wtempnam (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*);
int   _wrename (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*);
int   _wremove (const wchar_t*);
void  _wperror (const wchar_t*);
FILE* _wpopen (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*);
#endif      /* __MSVCRT__ */

#ifndef __NO_ISOCEXT  /* externs in libmingwex.a */
int snwprintf(wchar_t* s, size_t n, const wchar_t*  format, ...);
extern inline int vsnwprintf (wchar_t* s, size_t n, const wchar_t* format,
                     va_list arg)
  { return _vsnwprintf ( s, n, format, arg); }

#endif /* _WSTDIO_DEFINED */

#ifndef __STRICT_ANSI__
#ifdef __MSVCRT__
FILE* wpopen (const wchar_t*, const wchar_t*);
#endif /* not NO_OLDNAMES */
#endif /* MSVCRT runtime */

 * Other Non ANSI wide functions
wint_t      _fgetwchar (void);
wint_t      _fputwchar (wint_t);
int   _getw (FILE*);
int   _putw (int, FILE*);

#ifndef _NO_OLDNAMES
wint_t      fgetwchar (void);
wint_t      fputwchar (wint_t);
int   getw (FILE*);
int   putw (int, FILE*);
#endif      /* Not _NO_OLDNAMES */

#endif /* __STRICT_ANSI */

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif      /* Not RC_INVOKED */

#endif /* _STDIO_H_ */

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