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 * time.h
 * Date and time functions and types.
 * This file is part of the Mingw32 package.
 * Contributors:
 *  Created by Colin Peters <colin@bird.fu.is.saga-u.ac.jp>
 *  This source code is offered for use in the public domain. You may
 *  use, modify or distribute it freely.
 *  This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful but
 *  DISCLAIMED. This includes but is not limited to warranties of
 * $Revision: 1.2 $
 * $Author: bellard $
 * $Date: 2005/04/17 13:14:29 $

#ifndef     _TIME_H_
#define     _TIME_H_

/* All the headers include this file. */
#include <_mingw.h>

#define __need_wchar_t
#define __need_size_t
#ifndef RC_INVOKED
#include <stddef.h>
#endif      /* Not RC_INVOKED */

 * Need a definition of time_t.
#include <sys/types.h>

 * Number of clock ticks per second. A clock tick is the unit by which
 * processor time is measured and is returned by 'clock'.
#define     CLOCKS_PER_SEC    ((clock_t)1000)
#define     CLK_TCK           CLOCKS_PER_SEC

#ifndef RC_INVOKED

 * A type for storing the current time and date. This is the number of
 * seconds since midnight Jan 1, 1970.
 * NOTE: Normally this is defined by the above include of sys/types.h
typedef     long  time_t;

 * A type for measuring processor time (in clock ticks).
typedef     long  clock_t;

 * A structure for storing all kinds of useful information about the
 * current (or another) time.
struct tm
      int   tm_sec;           /* Seconds: 0-59 (K&R says 0-61?) */
      int   tm_min;           /* Minutes: 0-59 */
      int   tm_hour;    /* Hours since midnight: 0-23 */
      int   tm_mday;    /* Day of the month: 1-31 */
      int   tm_mon;           /* Months *since* january: 0-11 */
      int   tm_year;    /* Years since 1900 */
      int   tm_wday;    /* Days since Sunday (0-6) */
      int   tm_yday;    /* Days since Jan. 1: 0-365 */
      int   tm_isdst;   /* +1 Daylight Savings Time, 0 No DST,
                         * -1 don't know */

#ifdef      __cplusplus
extern "C" {

clock_t     clock (void);
time_t      time (time_t*);
double      difftime (time_t, time_t);
time_t      mktime (struct tm*);

 * These functions write to and return pointers to static buffers that may
 * be overwritten by other function calls. Yikes!
 * NOTE: localtime, and perhaps the others of the four functions grouped
 * below may return NULL if their argument is not 'acceptable'. Also note
 * that calling asctime with a NULL pointer will produce an Invalid Page
 * Fault and crap out your program. Guess how I know. Hint: stat called on
 * a directory gives 'invalid' times in st_atime etc...
char*       asctime (const struct tm*);
char*       ctime (const time_t*);
struct tm*  gmtime (const time_t*);
struct tm*  localtime (const time_t*);

size_t      strftime (char*, size_t, const char*, const struct tm*);

size_t      wcsftime (wchar_t*, size_t, const wchar_t*, const struct tm*);

#ifndef __STRICT_ANSI__
extern void _tzset (void);

#ifndef _NO_OLDNAMES
extern void tzset (void);

size_t      strftime(char*, size_t, const char*, const struct tm*);
char* _strdate(char*);
char* _strtime(char*);

#endif      /* Not __STRICT_ANSI__ */

 * _daylight: non zero if daylight savings time is used.
 * _timezone: difference in seconds between GMT and local time.
 * _tzname: standard/daylight savings time zone names (an array with two
 *          elements).
#ifdef __MSVCRT__

/* These are for compatibility with pre-VC 5.0 suppied MSVCRT. */
extern int* __p__daylight (void);
extern long*      __p__timezone (void);
extern char**     __p__tzname (void);

__MINGW_IMPORT int      _daylight;
__MINGW_IMPORT long     _timezone;
__MINGW_IMPORT char     *_tzname[2];

#else /* not __MSVCRT (ie. crtdll) */


extern int* __imp__daylight_dll;
extern long*      __imp__timezone_dll;
extern char**     __imp__tzname;

#define _daylight (*__imp__daylight_dll)
#define _timezone (*__imp__timezone_dll)
#define _tzname         (__imp__tzname)


__MINGW_IMPORT int      _daylight_dll;
__MINGW_IMPORT long     _timezone_dll;
__MINGW_IMPORT char*    _tzname[2];

#define _daylight _daylight_dll
#define _timezone _timezone_dll


#endif /* not __MSVCRT__ */

#ifndef _NO_OLDNAMES

#ifdef __MSVCRT__

/* These go in the oldnames import library for MSVCRT. */
__MINGW_IMPORT int      daylight;
__MINGW_IMPORT long     timezone;
__MINGW_IMPORT char     *tzname[2];


/* wide function prototypes, also declared in wchar.h */

wchar_t *   _wasctime(const struct tm*);
wchar_t *   _wctime(const time_t*);
wchar_t*    _wstrdate(wchar_t*);
wchar_t*    _wstrtime(wchar_t*);

#endif /* _WTIME_DEFINED */ 

#else /* not __MSVCRT__ */

/* CRTDLL is royally messed up when it comes to these macros.
   TODO: import and alias these via oldnames import library instead 
   of macros.  */

#define daylight        _daylight
/* NOTE: timezone not defined because it would conflict with sys/timeb.h.
   Also, tzname used to a be macro, but now it's in moldname. */
__MINGW_IMPORT char     *tzname[2];

#endif /* not __MSVCRT__ */

#endif      /* Not _NO_OLDNAMES */

#ifdef      __cplusplus

#endif      /* Not RC_INVOKED */

#endif      /* Not _TIME_H_ */

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